PSRecon3D – A tomographic reconstruction and analysis software for porous structures

PSRECON3DPSRecon3D has been primarily developed to reconstruct the three dimensional structure of nanoporous gold. Taking images obtained by serial sectioning, it accurately computes the spacing of individual pairs of images (i.e. slice thickness or voxel dimension in the out-of-plane direction), and produces volume or surface meshes. It also includes a bunch of structure analysis options to compute a set of widely used morphological parameters. It can be readily used for tomographic reconstruction of other porous materials, and with minor changes can also be used for multiphase microstructures in dense materials. It is based on MATLAB with a couple of FORTRAN routines.

Tomography features:

  • Image registration (alignment of image stack)
  • Image processing for noise removal and background intensity gradients
  • Slice thickness determination
  • Surface mesh generation
  • Tetrahedral volume mesh generation
  • Export meshes in COMSOL or ABAQUS format for Finite Element analysis

Analysis features:

  • Relative density estimation
  • Pore/ligament diameter distribution
  • Interface shape distribution function (ISD)
  • Mean or Gaussian curvature distributions
  • Surface/Interface normal distributions (IND or SND)
  • Evaluate genus, specific surface area
  • Identify connected components

Click here for the PSRECON3D_Manual